Historical Sites

[ picture of Innes House ]

Innes House , near Elgin in Morayshire, was built around an earlier castle by Sir Robert Innes in 1640. It is a fine clean-cut stone mansion at the end of a mile-long driveway. It has been called "the tall white house of Innes". Indeed it is very beautiful and dignified, with its gardens, hedges and smooth lawns.

[ picture of garden ]

This is a view of the formal walled garden at Innes House. On a clear day, Benrinnes is framed in the notch in the trees.

[ Innes House in winter ]

This is a picture of Innes House taken after a winter snowfall. It shows the original tower house, circa 15th and 16th centuries.

[ picture of Coxton Tower ]

Coxton Tower , 4 miles east of Elgin, was restored by Sir Alexander Innes around 1640. Sir Alexander, a cadet of Innermarkie, was the grandson of Sir Robert. The tower has walls five feet thick and four vaulted rooms, one above the other.

[ picture of Elgin Cathedral ]

Consecrated in 1224 and called "The Lantern of the North", Elgin Cathedral was one of the most beautiful ecclesiastic buildings in Scotland. John Innes was Bishop from 1407-1414 and in 1555 the Inneses and the Dunbars fought a bloody feud there.

[ picture of Spynie Palace ]

Spynie Palace in Morayshire, Scotland, was the residence of Bishop John Innes in the early 1400's. It was held by the Inneses against Montrose in the 1600's when he pillaged and burnt Moray during the Covenanting Wars.

[ picture of Balvenie Castle ]

Balvenie Castle in Dufftown, dates from at least 1304 A.D. and was held by the Inneses of Innermarkie from 1615-1658. Sir Walter Innes was killed there in 1649 by Covenanting Cavalry. The picture was taken from inside the courtyard looking toward the entrance and a range of buildings built in the 1500's.

[ picture of Kinnardy Castle ]

Kinnairdy Castle , 10 miles south of Banff, is located on the site of the fortress seat of the Celtic thane of Aberkerder. The tower portion was built about 1420 by Sir Walter Innes, whose father had married Janet de Aberkerder, heiress to the thanage. It is currently owned by family of Sir Malcom Innes who was the Lord Lyon King of Arms for many years.

[ picture of Crommey Castle ]

Crommey Castle is located 15 miles south of Banff. It was the seat of the Barony of Crommey, granted to Alexander Innes, 13th chief, in 1487. The tower, built by James Innes, was started in 1542. The Inneses remained in possesion until 1631, when the estate was sold. It was re-aquired by Sir Thomas Innes after WWI and is now owned by the family of his son, Sir Malcom Innes.