Dear Innes Clan Society Members:

First, I hope that you and your family and loved ones are well and safe.  The current Covid 19 pandemic is causing disruptions unprecedented in my lifetime.  Our Society too is facing uncertainty about the Annual General Meeting (AGM) that is scheduled for August at the Maine Highland Games.

I do not believe anyone can predict what conditions will prevail in August.  Having just returned from an international trip, I have witnessed first-hand the disruptions to travel currently being experienced.  With travel difficulties and concern about contagion, your leadership will be considering recommendations for this year’s AGM.

I will be scheduling virtual meetings with our New England Commissioners and with Society officers.  Our goal is to create our best possible plan for the Society and its necessary business.  Any plan we make will have a fair amount of assumptions that may or may not turn out to be accurate, but we hope you will support our best efforts to be good stewards of our Society.

We know that many of our members are facing strict limitations on their freedom of movement.  Others may face illness, and we know that very many of our members are in the group of higher risk.  Economic disruptions are real with people losing income, jobs, and positions they have worked hard to achieve.  For all these problems we hope people will find, and can be, good neighbors.

Please feel free to reach out to me or any of the officers using the contact information in the Bullrush.  As we make plans, I will try to communicate them at,, and through our FaceBook group as well as direct mailing.

You have my best wishes- Be Traist.

Edwin H. Shoaf, Jr.

President, Innes Clan Society

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